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Family Tradition

May 2, 2019

White supremacy came out of the closet in August of 2017. Reaction to the terrorist front ran the gamut from “Gasp!” to being poo pooed as only the workings of a handful of wing nuts to “Very fine people…” Of course, white supremacy in the US is nothing new. It has been lurking in the water, mostly below the surface, for over 150 years. It’s that surface that has many concerned, especially when it is broken as it obviously was in 2017. Cultural thinkers and workers say we have become a culture preeminently preoccupied with surface. White supremacy has depth? This is the most shocking concern which Charlottesville revealed (and too numerous racist terrorist attacks since). News outlets focus on the surface, few bother with penetrating the depths. Groups like the ACLU, SPLC, ADL, or Black Lives Matter will say that the depths of white supremacy in the US is found mostly through the stranglehold on institutions that is maintained by those oblivious of its history. May Day (5-1-19) found news exposing this nuanced institutionalization of white supremacy. AFP (one of many) reported US to give migrants DNA tests to prove family ties. “US border authorities plan to give migrant families DNA tests to determine whether or not the adults and children are related, Department of Homeland Security officials said Wednesday. A “Rapid DNA” test program is being launched in several places along the US-Mexico frontier, where tens of thousands of undocumented migrants have been crossing the border each month, many in family units asking for asylum. US officials say some involve adults using unrelated children as a means of entering and remaining in the United States, and the new tests aim at preventing this.” “”We know the problem we are seeing, we know these are fraudulent family units,” an official said on condition of anonymity.” Analysis finds that on the surface this sounds pretty authoritative! Elsewhere, same day (5-1-19), Karen Kasler for reports: Northeast Ohio Lawmakers Hope to Encourage Adoption with Tax Credit Proposal. “There are around 16-thousand kids in foster care in Ohio right now. And two state representatives from northeast Ohio have proposed changes to the current adoption tax credit that they say will help those kids and the families that want to bring them home, as well as the state.” “And the lawmakers said they know well the benefits. [Rep. Reggie] Stoltzfus and his wife adopted six years ago, and [Rep. Janine] Boyd is the adopted daughter of former Rep. Barbara Boyd and hopes to be an adoptive parent herself someday.” Laudatory indeed until someone wants to prove “these are fraudulent family units” through a “Rapid DNA” test. Wherefore problem? Yes Virginia, in societies without deeply engrained bureaucratic institutions, neglected children are often subsumed into existing “family units”. In institutionalized bureaucracies the legal definitions of these same children vary as well as what constitutes adoption. An ideological or philosophical, even religious disposition formulates the interpretation of what is “a child in need”, “adoption” and “family”. The current administration’s Department of Homeland Security’s “Rapid DNA” tests of migrants, to verify “family units”, is based on the racial purity disposition championed by white supremacists (Migrant “family units” might include adoptees? Gasp!). The myth of racial purity is fundamental to the advocates of white supremacy. Such a myth would weaponize DNA testing to serve its pseudoscience purposes of ethnic purity (and cleansing) while eliding the very real, and varied conditions and situations of individual children, families and social communities. It goes without saying that the white supremacist definition of what constitutes a family would exclude any falling outside the white supremacist orthodoxy.