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How Do You Know, How Do You Really Know For Sure?

December 3, 2014

Analysis notes the many Open Carry demonstrations, not only here in Ohio, but also across the US in previous years as well as this one. NEO Carry, as well as others, takes pride in posting videos of individuals openly carrying assault rifles, hand guns, etc. in parks, shopping areas, and on the street. Videos are also posted of the (non) confrontations with local law enforcement officers. Analysis also notes another video of a little boy brandishing a handgun in Cleveland’s Cudell Park, waving it around. Analysis observed passers by ignoring the playing child. The video later shows law enforcement driving up and shooting the child immediately upon opening their doors. In NYC, the grand jury finds no reason to charge NYC law enforcement officer Daniel Pantaleo in the video taped asphyxiation of Eric Garner. The AP quotes Pantaleo as saying “It is never my intention to harm anyone.” Unfortunately Tamir Rice was never accorded the same privilege.