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Just Another “He Feared For His Life” Defense

September 29, 2018

Unlike the OJ Simpson trial, the current “trial of the century” is not really a trial at all, but rather a hearing. If indeed a trial, then it would be one of white privilege. But then again, white privilege is doing the trying, or rather hearing, and the outcome is inevitable, determined by privilege. What privilege has ever relinquished itself because it looks bad? The paid media pundits and analysts all speak of “he said, she said” as well as “corroborating evidence”. Analysis finds the entire Kabuki to corroborate the privilege interpretation (and outcome) more than anything else. Then again Punch and Judy would be a better description as the proceedings almost literally followed Sharia law with a female prosecutor “employed” to interrogate a female victim (male and female forbidden to interact in public?). The alleged perpetrator, in turn, was grilled by his “peers” – all male, all white. The animated response was pure Kabuki, or Punch and Judy, depending on the scale of the observer’s religious belief (larger than life-size stylized male actors or miniature puppet caricatures). The reasonable doubt remains, behind which so much white privilege lurks. Something actually occurred. They can’t both be right, can they?  “He said, she said” piously explain (or is it non-explain) all the knowledgeable court watchers. Really? Punch can beat the crap out of Judy behind a curtain without any fear of incrimination? (there’s that “behind the curtain” male/female Sharia thing again) How can this be? Analysis would like to consider this “he said, she said”. Kavanaugh’s impassioned self-righteous outrage was perfectly inline with the law (U.S., not Sharia) (OK, maybe Sharia). How so, dear reader queries? One of the overwhelming appeals of the Affordable Care Act was the extension of health care coverage to children, “extending” their youth till the mid twenties (age 26). Most students of American culture will readily admit that “youth” in America continuously grows longer and later (20 something college “kids” playing televised sports with their wife and children watching at home). Octogenarians might recall when “adulthood” began at 16, then 18, then 21 and now…? (white male, of course) Kavanuagh’s Kabuki outrage was perfectly without guile (as all vintage Kabuki must be). The curtain behind which Punch can assault Judy, and not have it “ever happen”, is The Law. In the U.S. The Law for minors is distinct from that for adults. And, as we all know, what happens in Juvie, stays in Juvie. For the most part, even the names are not included in any coverage of juvenile transgressions. As far as “Judge” Kavanaugh would judge it, youthful indiscretions that happened in high school (or rather, college preparatory school) never happened (a further extension of Dear Leader’s interpretation of history). The stellar display of Kabuki came from the heart, as all good Kabuki does (or is it the other way around?).  Analysis finds “he said, she said” to be just another “he feared for his life” defense.