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This Week

February 22, 2014

            “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” was liked, opening to good reviews for the Licking County Players. Performance tonight 2-22-14


            “How Do We Change A Small Town?” will be an open conversation with Newark’s well liked business owner Chris Ramsey and Denison’s newly well liked President Adam Weinberg in Granville at DU, 2-23-14.


            “A lot of the people who created this culture are kids, or were kids when they created it, so it does actually reflect a teenage zeitgeist. It’s not the adult advertisers versus the, you know, supplicant teens of yore. It’s now, like, the teenagers are creating this architecture. They grow up and they become, you know, super-rich Silicon Valley types. And then there’s this giant underclass of people forced to go “Like, like, like, like, like,” and who are probably around their age, you know?” (ALISSA QUART, Author, Republic of Outsiders from WGBH’s PBS Frontline investigative report “Generation Like” which aired 2-18-14. Must see TV!)


            Lots of Likes to go around with the impending demolition of the Chilcote and Jones building (20-22 N. Fourth St., directly behind City Hall). Big chunk of the funding for the creation of Newark’s newest parking lot  will be coming from Moving Ohio Forward (Liked by jobs creators from Mayor Hall to Manuel Vela). Not clicking on “Like” will be the taxpayers who are footing almost the entire bill for the reinvention of Mr. Manuel Vela’s original investment Like.


            “Winning” coach and Reverend Dave Daubenmire did not receive enough Likes from the Lakewood School Board. His followers still Like Coach Dave.


            Big Like (and lots) to Shiloh Baptist Church and the Shiloh Holistic Opportunity Program Corp. for their productive persistence and patience in finally realizing zoning legitimation with their investment in the Matthews House. The US has the largest percentage of incarcerated people of any country in the world. Upon release, these folks don’t just disappear, magically becoming assimilated. Kudos to Shiloh Baptist Church for making that re-entry not only a virtual “Like”, but a concrete reality.


            “There is right now a huge, huge, commercial push or corporate push to collect as much data as possible. When you hit “Like,” when you retweet, when you make any expression on line, you’re creating data. You’re creating a demographic profile of yourself.” (CHARLES DUHIGG, Author, The Power of Habit from WGBH’s PBS Frontline investigative report “Generation Like”)


            Push the Like button now, won’t you?