Early 2014 witnessed the Ukrainian Revolution with a change of central government in Kyiv and the subsequent separation of the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions by pro Russian paramilitary. This was quickly followed by the Russian occupation of Crimea, and its eventual annexation. Originally Russia denied any involvement in the military activities. Local reports at the time centered on the presence of “little green men”, armed and dressed in military camou without insignias as to rank or allegiance. Americans primarily associate the entire episode with Donald Trump’s “thing” about Ukraine with its desire to undermine Joe Biden and eventual impeachment outcome. But what happened to the “little green men”? Apparently now, after 6 years (the last 4 of which are under the Trump administration), they have migrated to the northwestern part of the continental US. Little green men, armed and dressed in military camou without insignia as to rank or allegiance, have been active and spotted in the cities of Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington. And they’ve brought their unmarked vehicles with them too! Akin to Ukraine 2014, both cities are currently embroiled in ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Analysis wonders when the American people will finally make the real connection of Donald Trump, his “thing” about Ukraine, and what went on there in 2014.


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