Polarity And The Burning Of The Reichstag

In the previous posting Analysis looked at the lame duck fever in Ohio, the symptoms of which did not appear until after the midterm election. Ohio is not alone though it differs somewhat from its “rust belt” neighbors, Michigan and Wisconsin. In Ohio, the GOP dominance of the three branches of gov’t continues with the new administrations whereas in Wisconsin and Michigan, there will be newly elected opposition administration to the previous GOP hegemony. In a flurry of last minute activity to cash in on their current trifecta of power, those state legislatures, in co-ordination with the governor, have passed legislation limiting and altering the powers of upcoming executive administration as well as voting rights. Though a last grasping of power for the GOP, it is likewise apparently quite legal for the legislature to act thusly. Meanwhile, in another state with similar GOP dominance, the possibility of a non-GOP win in the midterms could not be left to the chance of democracy. Caught with their pants down, one North Carolina congressional race was not certified due to election “irregularities” so blatant that a fraud investigation ensued. “The head of North Carolina’s Republican Party says he would “not oppose” a new election in the state’s 9th Congressional District if allegations of fraud by a GOP operative prove true. “If they can say with a strong degree of certainty that the outcome of the race was changed or there is a substantial likelihood that it could have been, the law requires that there be a new election, and we would not oppose,” said Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, in an interview with NPR.” (N.C. GOP Leader Open To New Election As Fraud Investigation Continues, Miles Parks, NPR, 12-6-18) A magnanimous gesture? Earlier the same director was quoted as saying “”This is funny business on the part of Democrats, in part to try and steal this race,” Woodhouse told NPR on Monday.” Analysis would like to consider this “funny business” in light of the recent revelations regarding the Bundy’s of “Do Not Tread On Me” fame. Reported variously, Newsweek gives Militia Leader Ammon Bundy Quits ‘Patriot Movement’ After Criticizing Trump’s Rhetoric On Immigrants, Jenni Finks, 12-7-18. Back in the latter part of November Ammon posted disagreement with the GOP policy regarding migrants, the caravan, their treatment as well as perception. His father, also of Don’t Tread On Me Fame, essentially said ditto in support of his son (and received the same response). “On Tuesday, Bundy shut down his social media accounts and said he was stepping out of the public spotlight. After seeing the militia movement’s opposition to the migrant caravan and blind support for Trump, Bundy also decided to leave the “patriot movement” he was once seen as spearheading.” “”It’s like being in a room full of people in here, trying to teach, and no one is listening,” Bundy told BuzzFeed News. “The vast majority seemed to hang on to what seemed like hate, and fear, and almost warmongering, and I don’t want to associate myself with warmongers.” Analysis utilizes Wiki to go way back in the way back machine. “Reichstagsbrand was an arson attack on the Reichstag building (home of the German parliament) in Berlin on 27 February 1933, one month after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. Hitler’s government stated that Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch council communist, was found near the building and attributed the fire to communist agitators in general—though in 1933, a German court decided that van der Lubbe had acted alone, as he claimed. After the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was passed. The Nazi Party used the fire as evidence that communists were plotting against the German government, and the event is considered pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. The term Reichstag fire has come to refer to false flag actions perpetrated or facilitated by an authority to promote their own interests through popular approval of retribution or retraction of civil rights.” Analysis finds that the voting fraud perpetrated by the GOP operatives in North Carolina could eventually (when the news cycle has passed) become more than adequate justification for even greater voter suppression legislation enacted by GOP dominant state governments. This would be in keeping with what is currently occurring in other states dominated by the GOP (including Ohio). When the opposition (Democrats, etc.) are considered as “the enemy” determined to “try and steal” any election, then is it any wonder that the country is polarized? It becomes no mystery that the GOP legislatures, whether lame duck or recently elected, would pass election law meant to suppress the vote rather than encourage and enable it. Using Ammon Bundy’s words to describe the GOP instead of the Patriot Movement, it appears that “The vast majority seemed to hang on to what seemed like hate, and fear, and almost warmongering.”


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  1. David Greene Says:

    Excellent and interesting piece.


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