Free Association Nino Dreaming

Like watching TV news in an Iron Curtain country during the Viet Nam War – no different than today’s coverage of Syria – which side is being witnessed? Nino was a great man who months before his passing virulently opined that lesser people should be schooled in less challenging universities. Did he also love the poorly educated? By US standards the current election has once again drawn out an immense turnout. In Iran, that is. There, as here, the conservative authoritarians do all they can to suppress the vote through numerous “legal” restrictions. But practice through participation is what makes democracy, and the citizens there vote under duress where as here in the US, for some reason, we always need a “get out the vote” campaign. Nino took particular pride in determining the outcome of the lopsided Bush v Gore constitutional “crisis”. Afterwards no one here took to the streets in protest whereas after their 2009 election was determined by authority, Iranians flooded the streets to demand their votes be counted, with many losing their lives over it. Here in the US voting is one and done, go home and watch Netflix after performing your civic duty. Nothing tickles Nino more than the possibility of a 2000 recurrence this year. Any SCOTUS outcome will be markedly different by an evenly divided court, no one to cast the deciding vote and break the tie. The image of black robed Supremes standing around a coin toss like Iowa Democrats in caucus has Nino rolling on the floor holding his sides (best out of three?). What difference would it make, anyways, for the two white, super rich New York City residents vying to be the next president (and SCOTUS vacancy nominator)? Those charged by the constitution to confirm the tie breaking appointment chose instead to defer that authority to one of these two candidates, forgetting that the outcome could, like in 2000, hinge on a yet to be named, non-existent tie breaking vote (that their constitutional authority could have facilitated). This would leave all in limbo, a place Nino doesn’t recognize as appearing in the sacred founding text. It does, however, please the deceased jurist that the virus of gridlock, which almost shut down the government, has now spread to all three branches, creating a fundamental (and textual) constitutional crisis. Nino’s eyes water from delirious laughter over the deadlock surrounding the state being stifled in its quest to assert sovereignty over the least little nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned in its obsession to learn the contents of an I phone, frozen constitutionally by a deadlocked court with no majority. Any and all secrets must only be state secrets! The revered justice shall rest in peace relieved somewhat by the consolation of knowing that his deadlocked colleagues will keep power plants burning coal, Guantanamo open, and Planned Parenthood clinics closed.

“Last Night I had a dream about reality. It was such a relief to wake up.”           (Stanislaw J. Lec)


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