Community Consideration

NPR reported this morning (2-11-16) that the family of Tamir Rice, the Cleveland 12 year old who failed to obtain a concealed carry permit for his toy gun, was billed for the EMT services requested and delivered too late after his shooting by a Cleveland police officer. Analysis wonders if the family of 54 year old Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, who had a real gun and wore it on his belt “for all the honest world to feel”, will be sent a bill to cover all the costs involved with his shooting. It’s obvious why local law enforcement deploys its chief to do the PR work of educating the “community” (not much different than corporate chief executive operating officers pitching ads for their company’s product). It would be a far better allocation of city resources to fund required continuing education for the entire force. Educating “community” members will do little to dispel the conventional perception that involvement will cost you. Analysis finds it a bit of a stretch to consider Finicum’s “patriots” as a community. None of them called that part of Oregon “home”. Tamir Rice, however, was the neighborhood child now mourned by many in the community he called “home”.

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