More Beaming

After this blog’s previous posting covering Ohio Governor John Kasich’s desire to expand national executive government with a special office to promote western ethics, as a basis for righteousness (and power), there comes this today: “Kasich administration helped craft anti-abortion language in budget bill” by the AP (11-18-15). Significant within the report is “But Kasich aides began helping hone some of that language about 18 months before it emerged publicly, according to internal emails obtained by an abortion provider and given to The Associated Press last month. The governor’s office confirmed the emails’ authenticity. Kasich’s Cabinet secretary, Tracy Intihar, received and made changes to an early draft of legislation codifying Ohio’s rules for outpatient surgery centers, which include abortion clinics, from late 2011 to mid-2012, the emails show. Two other Kasich staffers, legislative liaison Ben Kaiser and attorney Diane Brey, also were involved, as was Ohio Right to Life.” juxtaposed with “Asked by an attendee at a Bowling Green forum in June 2013 whether he would veto the provisions, Kasich maintained an air of neutrality. “First of all, I’m pro-life, so we’ll have to see how this proceeds through the House and Senate and the conference committee,” he said in a quote redistributed by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. “Then I’ll make a decision on that as to whether I think it goes too far, but keep in mind I’m pro-life.”” When does the “western ethics” appear as practice instead of convenient, spur-of-the-moment theoretical rhetoric? “It is part of morality not to be at home in one’s home.” (Theodor Adorno Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life 39) Domestic violence stems from someone feeling too “at home in one’s home”. Oh, but privacy covers up all that unethical conduct (“ain’t nobody’s business but my own’). Governor Kasich pleads for the same, but not in person (“When asked this month about the AP’s findings, Kasich spokesman Joe Andrews said the governor’s office didn’t initiate the amendments, which emerged as Kasich and fellow Republicans in the Legislature were under pressure to pass a bill that would have imposed the most stringent abortion restrictions proposed in any state at the time.”). Better to obfuscate and hide behind the covert, the privilege of privacy. This is the part of “western ethics” that those not couched in it find disturbing. The western ethical imperative does not include disclosure of ulterior motives and machinations. Kasich proposes to beam this into other eyes, with no regard for a right to look (or not).



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