How Do You Spell Relief?

A collective sigh of relief rose up out of Newark this morning. The city dodged another bullet. It could have entertained difference (which was not on the ballot in any form – candidate, policy or controversy). Instead, it settled for a variation on a theme. The big boys in their national debate would blame it on the media. A one horse town, er, one news media town, pretty much limits difference by virtue of its uncontested position (certainly the candidates at the mayor’s debate didn’t question the moderator who just happened to be the paper’s editor). True, the paper scored close to perfect in “backing” the eventual winners. Mark Fraizer spoiled the perfect editorial promotion. Mr. Fraizer has never known difference, only a variation on a theme. That makes for a sad commentary on the lived experience of our electoral form of government. Contests, debates and democratic elections need difference, not variations on a theme; something sorely lacking within our democratic process.


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