Performance Art

Many people are mystified by performance art. Art traditionally has been interpreted as “representational”. Subject matter is represented for interpretation. The representation can be one of an illustration, design, literal narrative in words, 3D model, photograph, etc. Today much subject matter is “performed” rather than “represented.” In this manner, rather than get a third hand account (the representation) that can be lost in translation, the actual subject matter is given directly in performance, how it actually works in real time.

TPP anyone? That’s Trans Pacific Partnership to you, partner. What’s it all about? Chief executive of the executive committee negotiating this agreement says we don’t need to know, too complicated and nuanced. Besides, B. Rock’s Trade Agreement Liquidators truckload sale guarantees the deal to be “what’s best for the American people.” Congress person Pat Tiberi stopped by Screen Machine Industries Incorporated in Etna township recently to actually perform what the TPP is (Congressman Tiberi discusses trade during local tour, Chad Klimack, The Newark Advocate, 5-11-15). Though not a member of the executive committee with direct knowledge of what the agreement actually involves, the Ohio 12th District representative is a card carrying promoter. Screen Machine Industries itself has a long history of association with the executive committee, providing the backdrops for chief exec wannabees like M. Romney or J. Kasich, as well as wannabees only a heartbeat away . The trade agreement performance trotted out not only the jobs and jobs creator oratory but also the curative power of global trade with its good-for–what-ails-you elixir (“Steve Cohen [corporate president] told Tiberi that Screen Machine survived the recession through foreign sales.”). The TPP and the visit itself are cloaked in secrecy (“A roundtable discussion between Tiberi and central Ohio employers regarding how the passage of Trade Promotion Authority laws and the two proposed foreign trade agreements would impact their businesses was not open to the media.”). And like the TPP, Screen Machine Industries Inc. behind the scenes machinations with Etna Township are likewise secret, matters to be seen (but not noted) exclusively by members of the executive committee. Back in 2013 Etna Township local elected government looked to address infrastructure repair and improvement through the creation of a JEDZ that included the land upon which doth dwell the SCOTUS designated person of the corporation, Screen Machine Industries. Any final proposal would have needed to appear before the Etna electorate in some form or other. Cheri Hottinger of the Licking County Chamber, along with her colleague Dan Evers of Grow Licking County, actively and vigorously opposed and berated the trustees for daring to perform such self-rule. The corporate “persons” of this proposed JEDZ would have no vote. Acting with the speed of business, Cheri’s husband Jay, along with his legislative counterparts, outlawed such self-rule (see this blog’s 12-25-13 posting We The People). (““That’s what this is all about.” Said Tiberi”) The performance of the TPP as good for business went exactly as scripted in advance (“Tiberi said the proposed TPP and T-TIP could help companies such as the Screen Machine access new markets, creating more than 1 billion potential new customers.”). The jobs creators sit on the executive committee; corporate persons in terms of partnership, exceptions in terms of community obligations (tax breaks, incentives, credits and abatements while in the face of needed infrastructure maintenance and repair expected to be financed by the community). The magic act performance of the TPP, like the Chamber/Grow Licking County/Screen Machine Industries relationship, will never be disclosed. It is the current growing model and trend (embodied in JobsOhio) that business relations, especially those of public private partnership, be in secret, undisclosed with access allowed only to those on the executive committee (which the TPP creates on a global scale). These secret public private partnerships, whether local or global, all have one thing in common: corporations amass wealth while communities pay. Thank you congress person Tiberi for performing the Trans Pacific Partnership. No one could have done it better. “That’s what this is all about.”


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