More Of The Era After Communism

“San Antonio, Texas, Chef Fights City Fine to Feed the Homeless” (ABC News) by Stefanie Tuder (4-22-15). “Joan Cheever has been serving free food to the homeless of San Antonio, Texas, every Tuesday for the past six years.” 4-7-15 she was fined $2,000 for this activity. Reason? ““The citation was issued for serving food from a personal vehicle, not the mobile food truck that Ms. Cheever is permitted to operate,” city spokeswoman Di Galvan told ABC News.” What does Joan Cheever have to say about this? ““I went to culinary school and got my food safety certification,” she said. “We’re careful with the food and so this is really hard to read that the police chief and the health department said that I was a danger to the community and they’re advocating passing out granola bars versus fresh vegetables.”” And ““It’s about every nonprofit and every person who wants to do a good thing, but are intimidated by the $2,000 fine and possible arrest.”” How does the city see this? ““Haven for Hope is the City’s designated service provider for the homeless population and is set up to accept private donations and accommodate volunteers.”” (city spokeswoman Di Galvan) Analysis asks the reader to recall Robert Reich’s insights quoted in the previous posting. Bear in mind that in today’s public/private partnership city government reality, Haven for Hope is probably not only contracted but very much like the institutions which Reich hears saying “There’s really no choice, we’ve got to go where the money is.” Time to roll the credits (Tuder’s ABC News article): “According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, 31 cities nationwide have taken action “to restrict or ban the act of food-sharing.””


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