Not To Be Found With The Newark News Authority

OK. Maybe Analysis got it wrong. Maybe there is a trend here that, well, we’re all a bit timid to articulate and acknowledge. In the last post, Analysis suggested a name change for The Gannett Company’s Newark Advocate based on a certain preference they hold. Maybe the new Newark News Authority is actually bringing us the news without burdening us to read it, in a kind of “Reader’s Digest” format. You know, cut down with only the essentials so it fits in with folk’s busy life style. Here’s one that will never appear in The Newark News Authority, er, Advocate:

Ted Hart for NBC4 reports “Kasich Proposes Eliminating Independent Home Health Care Providers” (2-4-15). “Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants to phase out independent home health care workers in favor of health care agencies. Kasich says eliminating the 13,000 independent workers statewide would improve oversight and accountability.” This seems to be in line with JobsOhio making sure the liquor is sold correctly (with proper oversight and accountability), and Grow Licking County making sure that the marketing of Licking County is done exclusively with singular oversight and accountability. In addition, Ted Hart reports “Home health care nurse Lindy Shuler says she has worked both as an independent and for agencies. She says she receives $41 per hour as an independent but doing the same work through an agency she is paid just $20.” (and probably without any health benefits or retirement, etc. Precarious labor at its finest) As John the Governator and Ohio’s legislative leaders like to point out, it is all about small businesses and (low paying) jobs.

Not to be found with The Newark News Authority, but worth knowing about if you are a small independent business person. And you thought the proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment to put marijuana cultivation and marketing in the sole control of only 10 entities was blatant special interest payback. Hah!


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