The “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” Merry Go Round, Or When Will We Ever Get The Gold Ring?

The new law makers (legislators) take their seats in the upcoming days, to do the people’s work as their representatives. The dominant PAC represented, both national as well as state, emphasizes anticipated law making will be about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (Just a reminder, dear reader, the Licking County Board of Elections categorizes political parties as Political Action Committees, PACs). Weird side note momentarily in the minor news this past week was the graphic cutting the map of America in half, one side of which is solely in the possession of 40 individuals. Major news emphasized daily the falling price of oil and its correlate, the lower cost of gasoline and heating fuel. The People Magazine side of media’s hegemony on this is that the economic statistics result in a de facto “wage increase” for workers, er, consumers. This is calculated variously depending on what median income is chosen – one that includes the 40 owning half of America or one that excludes them (Are we an inclusive democracy? Are the 40 “workers”? Or is it their money working for them? Is it OK to equate workers and money?). Either way, working people have a little more jingle in their pockets with which to pay for things and not go in debt. Believe it or not, this worries the “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” folks. The appeal of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” is primarily to assuage fear, the fear of depression or recession (for an enhanced terror experience, precede either with the adjective “great”). Recession is, after all, money going on strike, demanding it is worth more, should make more money before it returns to the function it normally performs. You’d think that with the consumer having all this extra money to spend the stock market would be hot to trot. You’d be wrong. The stock market has been dropping (ostensibly) on fears of, all things, a recession. The financial sector makes money from money (usually someone else’s). Money doesn’t make money without someone going into debt. Money making money doesn’t care for consumers not buying on credit, not going into debt. As ironic as it may sound, Analysis shows that, for most folks, getting a job means going in debt (to pay for education, transportation, relocation, etc.). Credit is not extended to those without the remotest hope of future earnings. Significantly raising the minimum wage throughout the entire country would do what the ephemeral drop in gas prices does. The folks clamoring for “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” say this would only cost jobs and hurt “the economy”. Low paying jobs create debt which drives Wall Street and helps create jobs!


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