The Newark City Council is expected to take up the pressing problem of squeegeers, especially on the east bound Church Street off ramp where they have been vexing drivers since the intersection was upgraded not too long ago. What? Analysis has gone completely off the deep end this time! There is no problem with homeless squeegeers at the west side location, you say. Would it be any more outrageous to say that due to the continuous spate of horrific accidents on the east bound Church Street off ramp intersection, Newark City Council will agree to spend $80,000 to remedy this problem? What problem, you say. The one defined by a total absence of any reference to Newark city streets urgently needing repair/repaving or infrastructure/bridges maintenance past the “best if used by” date. The one described by the City Engineer as “Motorists now often use the exit ramp’s berm to maintain two lanes of traffic, Morehead said. “This will make it two actual lanes there,” he said.” ( Joe Williams, Newark Advocate 1-3-15, “Council OK likely for exit ramp lane”). Oh,THAT problem. It must be a priority for the ruling state PAC’s agenda; to be positive and promote the improvement of Ohio at the expense of the citizens of its individual communities while simultaneously superseding the needs and wishes of the residents of these very same communities.


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