The Status Quo Must Be Maintained

Gannett’s Ohio guy, Benjamin Lanka, presented an article in their 12-23-14 Newark Advocate (mis) titled “All Ohio third-graders to retake reading test”. Makes you think it will be about third graders and reading proficiency, doesn’t it? The buried lead, found all the way at the end of the article, is “John Charlton, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education, said the state will use test results from the “thousands of students” in other states who are taking the new assessment this year to determine what the promotion benchmark should be for the next school year.” That sounds more like the Ohio Department of Education is waiting for someone else to do something first. Usually, when someone else does something first, they are said to be taking the lead. Those who come next are following. Analysis imagines some old black and white B grade movie where the army officer says to his enlisted men: “You go first men and I’ll follow.” Doh! Looks like after all the rhetoric about Ohio’s leadership from John the governator and his PAC, the actuality is that in practice Ohio chooses to follow. Analysis finds this to be no surprise. The status quo must be maintained!

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