Inquiring Minds Need To Know

The Newark Advocate recently ran a short but very informative news blurb that, quite frankly, was pretty tough to track down after becoming cage liner. The December 1, 2014 headline reads Three City Leaders Eye Re-election (Advocate staff report). “NEWARK Mayor Jeff Hall, Newark City Council President Don Ellington and at-large Councilman Ryan Bubb, all Republicans, have taken out petitions seeking re-election in the Nov. 3 general election.” This within less than a month after the previous election was completed! The likes of a Romney, Bush, or Paul these guys aren’t. Analysis was struck by the eagerness shown to be first out of the gate. Having just retired (from public service), it is only natural for Mr. Ellington. He’s probably a regular at eatery early bird specials and shows up at the barbershop at 7:30 AM to get his haircut, etc. Analysis thinks there may be enough to surmise that it may be in the family genes to always be first in line for Mr. Bubb. But the mayor? There is little to indicate qualms of conscience or any need for redemption (considering the administration’s history). True, true, true, Newark now has the Hilton name prominently posted above the downtown freeway exit. Could a truck stop be on the horizon? There’s vacant land available to be developed at Locust and Fourth. Easy off, easy on. Analysis is reminded of that awkward time just recent enough to be out of fashion but not long enough ago to be considered history; the one of the pre current Thanksgiving Black Friday. The Black Fridays when folks would camp out days before in order to be first in line to cash in on a good deal. In the case of Newark’s Mayor, Council President and at large Councilperson there is a good deal to be had by being first to cash in, er, claim it. And it certainly is not the affection of the citizenry of Newark. Analysis needs to consider this a little more. After all, inquiring minds need to know. Gannett’s Advocate certainly won’t run an editorial cartoon showing Bubb, Ellington and Hall camping in a tent outside the local political business lobby.


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