Post Halloween Horror

Well the election has come and gone. Reminds one of those so glibly criticized by the American press. You know, the ones showcased in totalitarian regimes where the voters get to say yea or nay to the party choice. We got to do just about the same with no pre-election recognition of opposition, in debate or critical response, let alone any discussion of issues, differences, directions and outlook. One designation, one determination, run with by all the major commercial media sources. Closer to home this blog can do nothing but step back and admire itself profusely. Back in the June 19, 2014 posting entitled “Well Versed” Analysis showed that unless the mayor and his administration donned cheerleading outfits and pom-poms with lusty “pass the tax!” cheers, it wasn’t going to happen. The mayor chose to eschew the pom-poms and short skirts for more rational informational discourse. True leadership. Let the electorate decide through rigorous community outreach. Kind-a like the ones held at the downtown hotel, before it was a Hilton, to get community input on the predetermined redevelopment of the courthouse square. As pointed out in the Sept. 19, 2014 posting (The Role Of Government Being Something Other Than The Welfare Of Its Citizens), full funding for the business district courthouse square renovation having been approved (a literal and actual fait accompli) while the infrastructure of average folks crumbles without revenue creates a post Halloween horror. Not to worry, sans pom-poms and short skirts, leadership was exercised through information sessions by which average folks could decide, take the lead (democracy in action). Besides, precedent had been set when the Licking County Transit Director opted to cut service and no one demanded he resign on account of his gross incompetence. In this day of government acting at the speed of business – and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and poops like a duck, well it is a business! – the Director came across as the model of management. Unfortunately, in ditto situations, other state/county/city run “businesses” meant to benefit the citizens (directly or indirectly) have acted more like, well, private businesses. When lottery sales are down, the lottery commission promotes new games, advertises, etc. to promote sales. When the turnpike was losing car and truck traffic, speed limits, tolls, etc. were changed to promote more travel. When sports arenas aren’t drawing (and most are owned by government entity), advertising is used to promote events. Even COTA promotes ridership when numbers are down. No competent business manager cuts the product or service, their reason of business, what they rely on as essential. And yet that’s exactly what the Transit Board opted to do. What the mayor chose to do likewise. Average folks don’t get it that the business district will receive new streets, lights, etc. fully funded while their own roads languish. The post Halloween horror is that the city administration, like the county commissioners, simply don’t wish to put their money where it benefits the welfare of its citizens. Operating at the speed of business, they prefer keeping it with business.


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