“Is it just me or is that polar vortex still hanging around?” No, not that kind of polarization.

CNBC ran an article over the weekend, “Farming in America: ‘There’s a growing discontent’” (by Mark Koba, CNBC Senior Editor 3-23-14). Newark Ohio being surrounded by farms, Analysis thought it might be pertinent to put an ear to the ground to pick up on this groundswell of unrest. Sadly, CNBC is not a very good conduit at all. Every murmur of disgruntlement (“However, it’s not the health debate but forcing the agriculture system into imbalance, which concerns Mark Spitznagel, chief investment officer of investment firm Universa Investments. He’s also owner and operator of Idyll Farms in Northport, Mich. “GMOs and other artificial techniques may be short-term solutions to increasing yields, but they are distorting the natural process and will eventually lead to ruin,” explained Spitznagel. “Agriculture is heading for a wall.””) was accompanied by a sigh of satisfaction (“”There has not been one single food safety issue,” said Robb Fraley, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Monsanto, the largest producer in the world of GMO seeds. “We are very proud of our GMO technology and more than 90 percent of corn and soybean seeds in the U.S. are GMO,” he said.”). Either the CNBC headline was grossly misleading or something else is occurring within the media, within our culture, which we have taken to be as natural as beginning a sentence with “So”. So, PBS cut Bill Moyers and Company (heavy into dark money, etc.) to half an hour (from the previous full hour) and followed it with pro corporate business programming such as the current format mirror of Scully The World Show (which interviews corporate CEO’s and their story of their companies), or CEO Global Foresight (forward looking corporate futurism). Bill Nye (the science guy) debates Ken Ham (Kentucky’s Creation Museum head). Will Fox program the museum’s presentation immediately following Neil deGrasse Tyson’s New Cosmos? Maybe before so that the kids don’t have to stay up so late. And what’s all this brouhaha about scientific evidence for what occurred immediately following the big bang? The scofflaws of “scientific evidence” for global warming quickly point to this winter’s invasion by the polar vortex to reassert the fossil fuel drilling imperative. Yikes! There’s that polarization again.

“Divided we still stand – and getting used to it Poll shows more Americans accepting Congress’ polarization as a fact of life” (3-24-14) written by Susan Page and Kendall Breitman appeared in The Newark Advocate (without attribution). Analysis guesses Susan and Ken must have some affiliation with Gannett as the article cites a USA Today study (“A USA Today/Bipartisan Policy Center poll taken this month, the fourth in a yearlong series, shows no change in the overwhelming consensus that U.S. politics have become more divided in recent years.”), and both The Advocate as well as USA Today are Gannett publications. But need we know? Like the seductress in the oil and gas producers TV ads purrs “Of course you do.” But I digress. “The shift in public opinion toward Egurrola’s (“Gage Egurrola, 23, a salesman from Caldwell, Idaho”) view might reflect broadening acceptance of Washington’s polarization as an inevitable fact of life.” Another person is quoted as saying “I think this is the new normal”. Culturally we are beginning to accept polarization as an “inevitable fact of life”, something “normal” – essentially as natural as a birthday suit.

Like GMO’s, this is a birthday suit with a UPC bar code as well as date of origin; manufactured to a certain extent by the media (what else would one expect from a poll brought into existence by the collaboration of media and a “Bipartisan” group? Is there a tri-partisan or quattro-partisan group?). Like the recent blockbuster (media) release “Noah”, media has taken upon itself the task of designating two of every species for any idea, concept or narrative presented (or maybe it has been assigned that task by its creator, the various corporate owners of said media. Rupert Murdoch could command the New Cosmos share air time with the New Creationism). How did Noah figure out that Apis Mellifera (the honey bee) is all female, producing males only when needed? Their survival is now threatened by “manufactured naturalness”. But again I digress. Polarization is a “manufactured naturalness”, not at all a part of the given order (or progression) of things. It is an aesthetic, like the symmetric arrangement of a religious altar. Ideas, concepts, narratives of futures or histories do not necessarily come with an alternate opposite. (Manufactured) polarization creates a culture of skepticism and skeptics (something likewise pointed out by one of those quoted in Page and Breitman’s article). Skepticism is about the lack of certainty being (reasonable) grounds for the denial of the existence of others, and of the world. Certainty may be something promised by technology, but it plays only a small part in the exploration and creation of ideas, concepts and their materialization (Something America took pride in). Polarization has a stifling, chilling effect on these. No, not the polar vortex!

American Pride


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