Our Representative Democracy In Action

            According to Jeremy Petzer, Northeast Ohio Media Group (9-19-13 and 9-25-13), Bill Seitz, state of Ohio legislator and representative of the people, is promoting Senate Bill 193, “making it easier for third parties to win ballot access and run candidates for office”. Amongst other things the bill requires minor parties to submit their qualifications (to run a candidate) 125 days before the election (as opposed to the previous 120 before the primary contest for that election). Also, previously to qualify for the presidential ticket, a party needed to show 5% of the total votes cast in the last presidential election. Under this bill it drops to 3%. Currently Ohio recognizes (for “other” reasons) 4 minor parties – the Socialist party, the Constitutional party, Libertarians and Greens. These can presently run candidates showing qualifications within the current 120 days before a primary. Reading the fine print of Senate Bill 193 reveals that it likewise “resets” Ohio’s minor party recognition. The 4 would no longer be recognized as viable third parties, requiring them, and any other potential third parties, to submit 56,000 signatures in addition to the previous mentioned conditions as well as the requisite 500 signatures to qualify for the governor’s ballot location. The bill has been dubbed the “John Kasich Re- election Protection Act” as a segment of the governor’s own party has been promoting the candidacy of Charlie Earl for governor in 2014. A Tea Party stalwart, he would be running on the Libertarian ticket. Gongwer News Service (9-30-13) has the bill set for a vote on Wednesday, October 2. Big of Mr. Seitz to want to expand our democratic process and enable more to participate, isn’t it?


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