Follow Up To Economic Discourse In The US

            Economic Discourse In The US (7-28-13) attempted to initiate an inquiry into the benefit and appropriateness of racial categorization when discussing matters of economics, whether it contributes or only furthers the status quo. 18th and 19th century imperialism created categories of race as an obscene legalism to justify inequities. Yet somehow these categories persist in so many matters of importance today. Many call for a discussion, a discourse on race within the US. It is long overdue, not because past and present inequities must be addressed, but because so much regarding this subject is delusional, starting with the original categorizations brought on by 18th Century colonialism and punctuated by the hallmark myth of “racial purity” with 20th Century fascism. The delusions only grow and get more complicated with each day. An AP news story out today (8-10-13) underscores the burgeoning tragedy, spreading misery over time. South Carolina Authorities Issue Warrant in Adoption Case continues the adoption case of 3 year old Veronica Brown, Capobianco or Maldonado depending on how one “categorizes” a little girl. Again, as mentioned in Economic Discourse In The US, children are powerless in the US. Their identity is determined by others. In this case the categories utilized reside in the legalism of the 19th century. No mention is made of the irony of this entire travesty. In the 19th century President Martin Van Buren ordered the Cherokee nation expelled from its native territory of western South Carolina, and exiled to the “territories” of Oklahoma. In 2009 Chrissy Maldonado (race not specified) gave birth to a girl, naming her Veronica and fathered by Dusten Brown (at the time also unspecified). Maldonado decided to place the child up for adoption with the biological father’s tacit consent (deferring parental responsibility to Maldonado’s decision to place the child up for adoption). Matt and Melanie Capobianco adopted Veronica and provided her a home until 2011. Dusten Brown had a change of heart and sued for custody under the Federal Indian Child Custody Act. Mr. Brown now identified himself as having Native American ancestry, thus Veronica now became identified as Cherokee. Like her ancestors before her, she was uprooted from her home and relocated to Oklahoma. Another slew of law suits all the way to the US Supreme Court and back down again to the South Carolina Family Court which granted adoption (and return) of Veronica to the Capobiancos. Confused? You should be with all the legalities from start to finish always tainted by race, specified or unspecified (was the child listed as ? on the birth certificate, or race of mother, or was deference made to the 19th Century practice of establishing percentage of blood for purposes of determining racial purity, or did the racial composition evolve with time, or was it a grave injustice that no racial identity was indicated to begin with, etc.?). But wait, there’s more. Chrissy Maldonado has filed suit with the US Federal Government that the Indian Child Welfare Act is unconstitutional. “Maldonado has claimed that the law uses race to determine with whom a child should live, and therefore is a violation of equal-protection laws.”

            Yes, a national discussion on 19th Century delusional categories of race and 20th Century fascist delusions of racial purity is definitely long overdue.



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