“Having your cake and eating it too”, usually mentioned when someone proposes something the completion of which or enactment also includes the opposite being accomplished; having it both ways. An online article submitted by Central (8-7-13) entitled “State absorbing health cuts Little of loss will be passed on to local officials” reports on the effects of the federal budget sequester for the state’s health departments (overseen by the state of Ohio). Ohio stands to lose 10 million dollars for public health services. As reported: “Dr. Theodore Wymyslo, state health director, on Wednesday said the state is taking actions, such as not filling vacant positions, to absorb most of those costs.” July 16, 2013 Kent Mallet reported in the Newark Advocate that “Owens Corning hiring 25 workers Several local businesses looking into expansions”. Good news indeed. However, upon reading the article it becomes apparent that ““All hiring is due to natural attrition/retirements,” Hartlage [Owens Corning spokesperson Chuck Hartlage] stated in an email response to questions. “Employment has not increased, as we are backfilling positions due to retirements and planned retirements.”” Grow Licking County was quick to find its way into the article though no new jobs were created (as promised, first class marketing and PR). “Dan Evers, director of Grow Licking County, said the county is attracting development interest, with 55 potential outside investment opportunities, including 30 initiated since April.” Again, as with the Owens hiring headline, a little later one reads, “Of the 55 opportunities, Evers said 17 conducted site or community visits with Grow Licking County and 26 requested additional information. One potential consolidation/ expansion project would retain and add local manufacturing jobs, according to the Grow Licking County report. The company’s corporate officials are reviewing an incentive package.”

            Analysis notes that Owens, though not expanding, hires in order to maintain capacity in its production, to meet the demands of its endeavor. Without a workforce in place, the work would not be done; products and services would not be provided. The state, on the other hand, plans to do the exact opposite of the private Owens Corning by eliminating capacity and not replacing losses due to “attrition/retirements”. Without a workforce in place, public health work will not be done; public health services and products will not be provided. The logic of “having it both ways” (win-win) is championed loudly today by public/private enterprises that promulgate opportunity and potential (both of which are all that Grow Licking County has to show in the 7-16-13 Kent Mallet report.  Owens, at least, is sustaining the status quo, with or without “an incentive package” even though they are technically not “grow”-ing). The etymology of the word “promulgate” can shine some light on this logic that is currently embraced and championed by so many in our budget defining legislature. Wiki shows one of the roots to be the Latin “mulgeo” which is to milk. Being able to milk the potential of having one’s cake and eating it too is ideal, if not perfect, marketing.


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